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Дом: Москва

400 000 000 000 руб.
The Mahindra Eden in Bangalore is the new gem of the Mahindra Group. This respected group is developing masterpieces that show a better life. Creating beautiful melodies for life is the theme of this project.
City's well-maintained real estate brings you closer to the most amazing standard of living. Experience sophistication in the ultimate residence designed just for you. Strict, uncompromising pricing helps Mahindra Group create the most profitable residential areas.
This hotel in Bangalore is designed for those who seek the best and dance to new rhythms. A strong belief in living up to expectations and enjoying uncompromising happiness.Vast land of nearly 33 acres. The fastest growing area in South Bengaluru where you are close to city life but far from the chaos.
Район: 500
Площадь: 1000 м2
Контактная информация
Контактное лицо: The Prestige City
Контактный телефон: 8292778899

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