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How to fix an Arlo camera not connecting to app error?

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When to access the Arlo camera on your phone you have been getting an error number 201. To fix this error unplug your Arlo Go camera and then pull off the battery. In case if the LED light doesn't blink then you have to make sure that you have installed the battery properly. You also can log out of the Arlo app and sign in again. If amber light is blinking, it means there is no SIM card or SIM card is not properly inserted. If Amber light blinks slowly it means your camera does not have LTE coverage. To fix Arlo cameras not connecting to the app, make sure your camera and phone both are having flawless internet signals.

To get more info visit : https://quickutilities.net/blog/fix-arlo-camera-not-connecting-to-app
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