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SGLCC grade galvanized steel coil

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SGLCC grade galvanized steel coil that is widely used in many industries such as construction, home appliances, and automotive. Below is a detailed description of this 0.35×200 gauge galvanized steel coil with AZ90 coating. It is a kind of high quality steel produced by advanced technology. Its surface is covered with a uniform and dense galvanized layer, which effectively improves the corrosion resistance of the steel. This steel coil has excellent processing performance and welding performance, which can meet a variety of needs in different industries. This galvanized steel coil has a thickness of 0.35 mm and a width of 200 mm. The coil is easy to transport and store, and also facilitates continuous operation during subsequent processing. AZ90 is a highly corrosion-resistant coating material with excellent weathering and abrasion resistance. Applied to the surface of galvanized steel coils, it can further improve the corrosion resistance and service life of the steel, AZ90 coating also has good adhesion and aesthetics, so that the steel coils in the actual application of more beautiful and generous. This product has the following advantages.
Excellent corrosion resistance: the coil has excellent corrosion resistance and can maintain stable performance for a long time in harsh environments. Good processing performance: the coil has good processing performance, can meet the needs of different processing technology, easy to make a variety of shapes of parts. Aesthetic appearance: AZ90 coating makes the surface of the steel coil smoother and flatter, with a good visual effect, which can enhance the overall aesthetics of the product. Because of its good corrosion resistance and processing performance, it is widely used in the following fields. Construction industry: it is used to make roofing, walling and other building materials, which can effectively resist weathering and oxidizing corrosion. Home appliance industry: it is used to make the shell and structural parts of refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances, ensuring the appearance of the product is beautiful and durable. Automobile industry: it is used in the manufacture of automobile body, chassis and other components to improve the corrosion resistance and service life of automobiles.
To sum up, SGLCC grade galvanized steel coil (0.35×200 specification with AZ90 coating) is a high-quality steel product with excellent performance and a wide range of applications. Whether it is in the construction industry, home appliance industry or automobile industry, it can give excellent performance and value to meet the needs of different industries. Of course, the quality of our products is unquestionable. We have obtained ISO and SGS international certifications. And our production efficiency is also very high, with a monthly output of about 5000 tons. If you have any further questions about this product, please don’t hesitate to contact us. https://www.shaiyia.com

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